Integer Fun!

Integers! There are so many fun, engaging and interactive activities out there! Multiple blog posts, videos, tips, ideas and suggestions! 
I wanted to add to that and highlight all the integer activities I have that are offered individually and then together as a bundle. I have taken the opportunity to break down each integer operation down to practice and then combine them all together. All of these activities are geared toward the 7th Grade Math CCSS - 7.NS.A.2. 

Check them out below! 

These layered notes are a great tool for students to reference while working through the integer operations. For the subtraction, the 'Keep, Change, Change' method is used. Multiple versions available that will fit with you and your students needs - completed, partially completed and blank versions. 



A fun puzzle activity that keeps students thinking and going!

Get your students moving and talking with on another. There are 3 parts that will need to be put together - original problem, 'keep, change, change' problem and then answer. Here are a few suggestions of how to utilize these cards in class:
** Use as a whole class activity - hand out a piece to each student and have the students find their partners. Collect the pieces, shuffle and start again. 
** Break up into small groups and have students sort out all pieces to find the matches. 
** Individually have students work and sort out all 24 problems. 
** Use these for stations – each station has a few problems and have students rotate between stations. 

Such a fun activity that again, gets students talking and working with one another. This activity includes cards from -25 through to 25 along with a tracking answer key for adding, subtracting and multiplying. This activity allows students to "meet and greet" every student in the classroom. There are many ways to set this up, but the most popular one to get everyone involved is the whole class idea. Have each student take a positive or negative number 0-25. They have the recording tracking sheet with them and they take their card number to meet up with another partner. Record their name, student number and partner number and answer. That way at the end they have a list of problems they can reference. Repeat the process, adding music as a start/stop and you have a full class period activity ready right here. Enjoy this great activity to get students moving and to practice adding, subtracting and/or multiplying integers! 

Below are some more ideas of how the cards can be utilized: 
**Print off the number pages twice and students can practice adding, subtracting and/or multiplying 2+ negatives. 
**Have a whole class partner activity, or set it up as small groups, partners or individually. 
**If in a whole group scenario, students must fill their tracking sheet up and are not allowed to have any repeat partners. 
**Rotate cards around, have a main pile table and have students return them face down, and redraw a new card and find a new partner. 
**If students are working individually. They can have two piles set up, face down and they draw the top card to see what two cards they would get for their problem. 
**Have students find partners of 3+ and they can practice adding, subtracting and/or multiplying for than two numbers. 
**Use music as a start and stop to find partners – adds to the fun, while learning! 
**Use these for stations – each station has a few problems and have students rotate between stations. 
**Use as a review and every round, practice adding, next subtracting and then multiplying! 
**GREAT thing, these can be used for adding, subtracting and multiplying integers …to name a few :)

Printing these problems off on bright colored paper, laminate them and use them often! 

A fun activity that practices dividing integers, only!

Ready to practice all the operations of integers? These task cards have all 4 operations and are a great practice! To check out ways on utilizing task cards, check out my blog post that shares Ideas On Using Task Cards

The link is for the bundle, but you can purchase each of integer operations along with a mixed problem individually! 

Want to snag ALL of the above at a discounted price?! Check out the 
Integer Bundle!

If you need a little bit of practice before 7th Grade standards, here are a few 6th Grade resources. 


My friend Karrie over at Mrs. E Teaches Math shared a blog post recently that shares 35+ ideas, tips, suggestions and more! Check it out here

I hope you find something that fits for you and your students :) If you are on the hunt for something that you are not seeing, please do not hesitate to reach out!  

Happy Teaching! 

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