16 Exponent Rule Activities!

It has been while since I have written! I am hoping to get myself back in a schedule and share more and more for you all. I wanted to highlight all that is about 'Exponent Rules' in my store. Exponent Rules were some of my early creations. I started there because when I was teaching, this was the area I struggled with trying to find resources for. I found 
an abundance of activities that combined rules, but had a hard 
time finding activities that focused on one or two rules at a time. So that 
is why and how my larger bundle of Exponent Rules came about. 

Below, I break down each of the rules I have activities for, highlight combined rules activities and share the bundles if you are interested in picking part of the
activities are all of them! 

I created all of these activities with making sure they were quality problems with variety! There are so many ways to utilize all of these resources, depends on how you want to use them with your students. Any of these activities could be used as stations,
partner activities or individual work!
→→Product Rule←←
→→Power Rule←←
Head on over to my blog post that highlights tips 
on utilizing task cards in the classroom!
→→Quotient Rule←← 
→→Negative Exponent Rule←←
→→Zero Exponent Rule←←
→→ALL Exponent Activities←←
OR check it out in a Google Slides Version
Want to check out part of the activities? I have 2 parts available ...
OR you can snag ALL of the resources (except the Google Slides activity) HERE!
I hope you were able to find something above that can work for you and your students! 

If you are on the hunt for ANY other type of activity you would like to see added to this bundle, please do not hesitate to reach out and let me know! 

Happy Teaching! 

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