May 25, 2017

Interactive Notes Activities

Students love to take notes, right?! Riiigghhhtt! Hehe 

I found a fun, creative and interactive way to get 
students to take notes! 

I wanted to make sure my notes stood out against others - there are many other ways to take notes and I value all of those ways. But when teaching, I was struggling to find that one set up that I felt would work for my students. I wanted areas hidden, yet areas that could be seen too. I wanted something that could fit in Interactive Notebooks, if needed, and not crazy big that they wouldn't fit nicely in a students folder. I created a line of Interactive Notes Activities! 

Add a bright card stock for the front page and it stands out in the messy folder, crazy locker and/or their desk! Use white card stock for the rest of the pages and you have created a quality notes resource for students to use and use again. I break the notes down with vocabulary words, simplistic and detailed definitions and an examples page. 

They are layered notes, which can be interchangeable to fit the needs of your students. If you only want to focus

April 26, 2017


I am so excited to host my FIRST blog giveway! What is up for grabs? 
YOUR choice of a FREE BUNDLE from my 
Learning Made Radical TpT Store - up to a $28 value! 
Why the giveaway? 
I just passed 300 followers on Facebook and 200 followers on Instagram - WHAT! I am growing and excited about the process!! Time to celebrate! 

Below you find the giveaway - you must sign up to subscribe to my mailing list. When you subscribe - you will also get a confirmation page with a FREE Interactive Notes Activity! I love the interactive notes I have created, they all have purpose and I make them creative with a simple and straightforward approach. Also, they are print ready! Save you tons of time! With every interactive notes purchase there are different versions for you choose from - this allows you to customize to your students and classroom needs. 

Back to the giveaway! 

There are are also additional options to enter and gain for more points for the giveaway. You choose what is the best method for you to see my daily and weekly tidbit and resource sharing! Many are about my resources and what is going on and some are about me - I am a human person and you can see that through my daily tidbits. I have become a fan of Instagram Stories and enjoy sharing things here and there through there! 

I can’t thank you enough for your support, purchases and feedback – it is soooo appreciated! I never thought I would be where I am right now with Learning Made Radical. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and the direction it continues to go!

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Thank you for reading, good luck and have fun! 

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April 10, 2017

Ideas On Using Task Cards

Looking for a new way on how to utilize task cards? I loved using them in the classroom – at least once a week I was including them. And with so many ways, it never got boring for students! Hopefully these tips will help you in your classroom.

First thing is first – LAMINATE them!!! I regretted not doing it to the ones I had printed, it keeps

March 22, 2017


 I am officially starting to enter the blog world! It will be an educational based blog – with of course probably some mommy entries here and there as well. I am excited for this journey and feel free to comment or email me at with any ideas, suggestions and/or more! 

Here are places you can find me for daily/weekly entries:

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