September 17, 2017

New Exponent Rule Resources

It was time for me to create new resources for Exponent Rules! I wanted to create a few new individual exponent rule resources, then some that were incorporating ALL the rules!  New creations below

First Up ...

To change up the everyday worksheet activity, I created this cut and paste activity. Students cut the lower half of the worksheet out, then the individual pieces. Solve the problems above, match them with the answer pieces and glue them next to the correct problem. Very simple activity, but with a range of level within the problems. 


MORE individual exponent rule activities coming - stay tuned! 

NEXT Up ...

Students can practice all the exponent rules (power, product, quotient, negative & zero), but all individually. There are 15 problems total, with 3 designated to each rule! It is a little more challenging, because they have to recognize which rule is what rule before finding the answer. Add the coloring aspect and you have a great activity for students. 

Some days I need to work with students and get that 1 on 1 time seeing how they are working through problems. On those days, I like to play music for my students and let them work and color :) This is a win/win situation - students LOVE to listen to music and who doesn't love to color?! 

What are your favorite music stations to play for your students? 

Now that students have been able to recognize individual exponent rules, time to combine at least two rules! This chain reaction activity has at least two of the exponent rules per problem. The activity challenges them to recognize which rules are being used and what order to complete the rules that will work best for them. There are a mixture of product & power, quotient & negative problems and more! There is plenty of space within each slip for students to use as a work space. They complete the problem, find the answer on another slip, complete that problem and then glue the chain pieces together. 
This activity also doubles as classroom decor too :) 


The BEST part about ALL of these resources - they are print ready! I want to SAVE you time! These activities are loaded where the questions are not in order - they are ready to print, hand out to your students and let them get started. They can handle all the cutting parts too ;)

If you have any questions, please email me at! 

Have a great week :) 

August 26, 2017

Scientific Notation

Many of you are entering the classroom or will be entering the classroom again soon! One of the first topic areas we would jump into with the 8th graders was Scientific Notation - a neat unit! 

I struggled to find resources that fit this topic area, so below is what was created!! I wanted to highlight a few items from this unit! 

I took a lot of time and consideration into this bundle, making sure to highlight key points of this unit along with adding variety and FUN too :)
 All of these resource are print ready too!

**Scientific Notation**
I love all the notes I have created! I wanted them to be bold, stand out, but yet have simplicity too. They highlight the notes and examples, along with being an easy to find and navigate reference as needed for students.

Need practice going from one to the other? This ready to load game in PowerPoint will be your students favorite game! The 'Standard Form to Scientific Notation' and 'Scientific Notation to Standard Form' HOT SEAT Game! The directions are in the document and it is completely set up and ready to go for you! All you need to do is move your students into rows, paper and a pencil.

Now that students are beginning to understand HOW big or HOW small the scientific notation numbers are, practice with this Estimating Populations Matching Activity. Students are given a reference sheet and they find the answer to the questions asking how much larger or or about how much the size of a country is compared to another.

I took the time to separate each operation! I wanted students to master adding, subtracting, then both of those together, multiplying, dividing and then both of those together.

The following are the individual activities for each scientific notation operation.

      (This was my first color by number activity, before I figured out to purchase and use clipart - hand drawn by me!)

Ready to combine ALL operations? Give a quick assessment with this 

LOVE all that you see above? Purchase the Scientific Notation Bundle at a discounted price!! 

If you would like to see more details about the Scientific Notation Bundle, I did a Live Video over on my Facebook Page - Learning Made Radical. It is about 20 minutes and I highlighted all that is included in EACH of the resources. Head on over and check it out or watch below - scroll through until about :45 seconds and then the information will begin. 


Have you completed the Scientific Notation unit and looking for a way to review? OR just starting this unit and looking for a way to work with students one-on-one? Take these above activities and set up as stations! Stations are a neat way to change up the pace of a classroom. I tried to incorporate stations at least once a month with my students and these stations could last a few days or at most a week. My students enjoyed them! 

Needing something you don't see? Please email me at and I can work on getting that resource created and completed for you! Best part - I will send that resource to you for FREE, please just email me back and let me know how it worked out for you :)

July 26, 2017

Day in the Life of a Teacher - THE First Day!

I was looking at what we had coming up the next few weeks in our family calendar and had the moment of OH! School starts back up in a month! A month for us! I know some are prepping to go back within the next week or two, seems like summer just started. I hope you have been able to enjoy your summer and soak up some sun and warm weather! So that brings me to this post ...

A Day in the Life of a Teacher - THE First Day!!

As a new teacher, those first few days gave me a lot of anxiety! How was I going to fit ALL I needed to fit in, in ONE day.

So I had thought at that time ...

I needed to hand out student guides, rules, books, assign trays for students, show them around the room, oh - don't forget to start with the classroom procedures and policies, classroom behavior - the management plan! AND we had computers - what were the rules with that, how I used online resources and more! Add in a fun activity so we got to know each other too! And start teaching?! I wasn't sure how to handle all that was sooo much to all take in!

I crammed 90% of ALL the above within the first day for the first few years of teaching! Then I had that moment of what am I doing? This is nuts! The kids heard 1/10 of what I was saying, especially the new incoming 6th graders that were happy they made it to class on time and were trying to figure out the route and how much time it would take to get to their next class! Then I was having to repeat all of that for the first week, probably two weeks...

My third came and I had to change it up! I wanted to take at least a week to introduce all the above. I made classroom management and policies/procedures my top priority. While taking the time to really get to know my students and fit in the rest here and there.

The first day I introduced a fun Student Interest Activity, that I turned into a FREEBIE! I wanted to get to KNOW my students - this was a weakness of mine and I wanted to make sure that I was taking time to work on that. I had gotten this idea from a mentor and put my own spin on it and implemented it the first day! Lots of discussion, laughs and more came from it, which was wonderful!


How I Organized My FIRST Day...

I took this activity, posted the questions on the Smart Board and handed out index cards to students when they came in. I had a posted seating chart (that you hope you attempted correctly...) and students would find their seats and start working.

Bell would ring and I gave them about 10 mins to work. We then spent the rest of the period discussing and sharing answers - whole class discussion. Let me back track and mention I taught two - 43 minute block classes. I introduced a few procedures (NOT all of the them...) - how to come into class, bell ringer, class time, how we exit class. The basics to how the day would run. Then we moved onto classroom management. I had been introduced to Whole Brain Teaching from another mentor the prior year, 2nd semester and it did wonders for my classroom!!

(I will post at a later date about my experiences and what helped and what didn't with 
Whole Brain Teaching - stay tuned!)

But I wanted to implement it right away that third year of my teaching! We went right into how the whole brain teaching and the procedures would look in the classroom - my kiddos looked at me like I was crazy at first, but the process works!

I am a person who needs order and structure within a classroom and I believe so do middle school aged kiddos! It keeps them focused and diligent with their work and classroom behavior.

The rest of the class period finished with discussing procedures and policies and actually acting them out! HOW to come into class, HOW to get started on a bell ringer, HOW to turn in papers, HOW to exit a class ...those are all points of the Whole Brain Teaching. I would go through the motions with them. We would all walk out of the class, come in together, go to our seats and start a bell ringer...

Then the bell would ring and another group of kiddos would come in and we would go through the same as above - which I feel always goes smoother the second or third time for that matter than the first 😉

Yay!! FIRST Day Done!! 

I wanted to help ease those first day anxieties and help give ideas to make your day go more smoothly! I was under the impression that I had to do everything that VERY first day ...and that definitely was not necessary. We get to structure the days how we would like and we want to make it fun for the students! We know that every teacher is pretty much doing the same thing every period that the students go to. So why not change yours up and make it memorable! Enforcing from the beginning your classroom management and policies and procedures is essential and crucial! Mix that in with fun and I bet your students will come back the next day knowing more than you anticipated :)



I gathered a list of other ideas from myself and fellow amazing math educators that hopefully will help you THE first day and days after thankful they were able to contribute all these amazing things below!! 

Bingo - 
*Have students coming from different schools to meet up in middle school? Introduce this FUN Bingo Activity where students can get to know what another and it can lead to a great whole group discussion at the end! Grab your FREEBIE now!

Pennants - 
*I have fallen in love with Scaffolded Math and Sciences Pennants - there different and fun! The best part about them as they double as room decor - win, win! I love displaying students work in the classroom and outside my room in the hallway - the students take pride in their work and enjoy sharing with their peers! She has created a Back to School Math Pennant and Glyph!

Ice Breaker - 
*Want to use an ice breaker activity?! Who loves marshmallows? Grab some spaghetti & string and you have created a STEM activity! Over at Mrs. E Teachers Math she has a created a fun challenge she uses with her students. It would be a perfect activity to break the ice with students that first day!

Stations - 
*Who LOVES stations?? Me!! I can't wait to share in an upcoming blog of how I set up stations and how they worked wonders for me in the classroom - stay tuned (Can we say NEW blog writer here - ideas are flowing in lately, hehe!) BUT, back to stations! Mrs. E Teaches Math has an EDITABLE Stations Activity - Character Education -- Recognizing Respect, Looking to the Future, The Power of Yet and more ...perfect way to introduce the 'rules' of your classroom!!

Routines - 
*Ideas for setting up routines! Middle School Math Man created a great blog post highlighting these great tips to get your first day and after a good jump start! Putting a schedule up on the board to help students KNOW what is expected of them can help classroom routine tremendously. They know what is expected of them and you know what you expect out of them! Routine, routine, routine ....

About Me Activities - 
*Need classroom decor? Over at Activity After Math - Hayley has created this All About Me Activity for students! This activity has options!! There are filled in questions OR you can decide which questions you would like your students to answer! Have students complete, color and customize it all to them!

*Algebra and Beyond has created a new line of activities - iStep! Every kiddo has a phone very similar to the one below! Add in fun things that students can relate to and your building relationships with your students! The new 'About Me Activity' will be a good addition to your first day! 

Problem of the Day - 
*Trying to think of an idea of how to start your day with your students on a daily basis? Creating a consistent schedule is beneficial to you day. It create routine for you and for your students. I personally used a Bell Ringer set up daily for my students! Over at Free to Discover she has a great FREEBIE to help keep your students and their Problem of the Days organized!

Partners in the Classroom - 
*Free to Discover has written a blog post of about using partners in the classroom. That first day - have your students pair up and get to know what another, have them pair up again and keep them going to meeting others in the classroom. My favorite ...Think-Pair-Share - it got students talking and to not be hesitant to participate in front of everyone, because they were able to gain that boost of confidence with confirming their thoughts with a peer.

Hopefully all of this helps you find direction for your FIRST day back!

Good luck, you are going to crush it!! 

What are some of your non-negotiables that must happen 
on that first day back?

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July 20, 2017

Memorizing Multiplication Facts

I was sitting here working on a new resource and my mind wandered to a conversation I had yesterday with my cousin regarding multiplication facts
She is a middle school teacher down in the Denver area and we were discussing ideas of how she could reinforce multiplication facts with her students; helping 
students improve their fluency.

When teaching, I was having 6th graders come in with a lack of basic multiplication fact knowledge. I noticed when we were getting into other math content in 7th and 8th grade, I was beginning to see a lack of basic multiplication fact knowledge too...

 I feel there are so many other 'things' we have to teach, that the basics of math are falling through the cracks unfortunately. So I took matters into my own hands and started carving out time before and/or after instruction to practice. I wanted students to be prepared math students for the upcoming classes they would encounter along with being prepared for daily life. 

Basic multiplication facts are a daily encounter!

Students need basic math facts for so many reasons. I ran across this article, The Importance of Memorizing the Times Table and loved it! It really explained the 'why' we need to understand and memorize the multiplication facts. 

"Just like learning to walk before you can run, learning multiplication and memorizing the times tables are building blocks for other math topics taught in school – higher learning such as division, long multiplication, fractions and algebra. Students who have not memorized the times tables will find these levels of math much more difficult than they need to be." 
- Susan Jarema from Googol Learning 

It is not only a building block for higher learning in school, but also in the real world.  Outside of a school setting these are everyday encounters students 
will need to know their basic multiplication facts; 
* Grocery Shopping
* Tips
* Car Repair
* Travel
* Photography
* Stocks
* Bank Account
* Loans
* Career Choices
...and sooo many more! Multiplication facts really become a part of 
ones everyday life. 

Sooo, after my cousin and I ended our discussion of the why's of how important it is - and we absolutely agreed whole heartedly of how important they are. I offered a few suggestions.  I suggested these amazing Math Fact Punch Cards I had bought from Totally Terrific in Texas

I bought these cards, printed them off with all my kiddos names on fancy the Astrobrights (Favorite!!) paper and laminated them. Students would complete an online self correcting quiz for the number family they were working on - 2's, 4's, 8's ...etc through 12's. They could not skip any of the families, they had to complete them in order. When they completed them, they would call me over. I would check their score and whole punch their number if they completed that fact family. 

There are many ways you could complete this; by having students complete the online self corrected quizzes or by having them quiz one another with flash cards. I have created these awesome Multiplication Fact Flash Cards that are a 
FREEBIE in my Teachers Pay Teachers store that you could use. They are a smaller size, which is perfect to print multiple sets of the fact families. 
I had students go the website Multiplication Self Directed Family Quizzes and they would choose which self directed quiz they were on. I taught at a 1:1 classroom, so finding a way to incorporate the laptops was always essential. The website is very neat! It allows students to print off flash cards for all the problems they completed and incorrect answers only. 

They provide fun little sayings with them too - "Hive x Skate = Fort E (5 x 8 = 40)." 

Along with that they can print off an answer key, corrected quiz and a result summary all in a PDF. Students could print off any of these an turn them in to you as well if you do not have time to get around to students. Highly recommend if you are looking to be paperless!

I reached out to some math friends and they shared some ideas on helping students memorize multiplication facts. It does NOT have to be 
boring for students - make it fun

My friend over at Lessons With Coffee wrote two amazing blog posts about how students CAN'T and CAN multiply! I love how she had a Face Off Competition between her boys and girls and showed the results in her CAN post! 

6th Graders CAN'T Multiply
There is a fun video to show your students on patterns with all the fact families. It is so neat! A fun new way for those that need a different view of the fact families. While your there - you can snag her FREEBIE she created to help the students timing themselves alone - Rainbow Write!

6th Graders CAN Multiply 
LOVE seeing results and knowing that with a little help and practice - we can help students increase their fluency!

*Skip counting songs! I honestly had never heard of these songs, did some Googling and found some fun'ny' ones to try out with your kids --
Adding a few giggles is always fun for middle schoolers :) 

*I loved using tricks in the classroom too, students always thought it was something new and fun! Math is Fun does a great job at laying out all the tricks and tips for the fact families.  

Students can learn their multiplication facts - it is possible! With practice and persistence we can help those students improve their fluency! I will note with the help of the Math Fact Punch Cards and using Multiplication Flash Cards in between the testing times; over 90% of my students increased their fluency of their multiplication facts through the 12's. As teachers, we want to help students get to where they need to be. WE are always trying to find ways to change things up in the classroom, adding in new ideas, lessons and more. Hopefully the ideas above will help you and your students! 

What are some ideas you can share that have helped your students memorize their multiplication facts? Please share in the comments below! 

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I teach ...

May 25, 2017

Interactive Notes Activities

Students love to take notes, right?! Riiigghhhtt! Hehe 

I found a fun, creative and interactive way to get 
students to take notes! 

I wanted to make sure my notes stood out against others - there are many other ways to take notes and I value all of those ways. But when teaching, I was struggling to find that one set up that I felt would work for my students. I wanted areas hidden, yet areas that could be seen too. I wanted something that could fit in Interactive Notebooks, if needed, and not crazy big that they wouldn't fit nicely in a students folder. I created a line of Interactive Notes Activities! 

Add a bright card stock for the front page and it stands out in the messy folder, crazy locker and/or their desk! Use white card stock for the rest of the pages and you have created a quality notes resource for students to use and use again. I break the notes down with vocabulary words, simplistic and detailed definitions and an examples page. 

They are layered notes, which can be interchangeable to fit the needs of your students. If you only want to focus

April 26, 2017


I am so excited to host my FIRST blog giveway! What is up for grabs? 
YOUR choice of a FREE BUNDLE from my 
Learning Made Radical TpT Store - up to a $28 value! 
Why the giveaway? 
I just passed 300 followers on Facebook and 200 followers on Instagram - WHAT! I am growing and excited about the process!! Time to celebrate! 

Below you find the giveaway - you must sign up to subscribe to my mailing list. When you subscribe - you will also get a confirmation page with a FREE Interactive Notes Activity! I love the interactive notes I have created, they all have purpose and I make them creative with a simple and straightforward approach. Also, they are print ready! Save you tons of time! With every interactive notes purchase there are different versions for you choose from - this allows you to customize to your students and classroom needs. 

Back to the giveaway! 

There are are also additional options to enter and gain for more points for the giveaway. You choose what is the best method for you to see my daily and weekly tidbit and resource sharing! Many are about my resources and what is going on and some are about me - I am a human person and you can see that through my daily tidbits. I have become a fan of Instagram Stories and enjoy sharing things here and there through there! 

I can’t thank you enough for your support, purchases and feedback – it is soooo appreciated! I never thought I would be where I am right now with Learning Made Radical. I can’t wait to see what the future holds and the direction it continues to go!

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