* 'Time Filler' Card Details *

Do you have students that get done with a task early? Do you have students that need more practice on a certain standard or substandard? Do some of your students need reinforcement? Looking for an activity that keeps your CCSS organized while providing practice for your students? This activity IS for YOU

I've been playing with this idea for over a year! Multiple templates have been created, problems written out and more during this time. I have trashed many files in the attempts to create something ideal for what I was wanting! I re-visited the idea a few weeks ago and finally something clicked this time around. I am excited to share the first of many of these resources to come! 

The resource is a CCSS aligned activity. Each standard and substandard has at least 6 problems within the resource (the breakdown is below for this activity). Along with all problems, there are cards that have the answers on them. The problems and answer key cards have different background colors to keep them separate and organized. Keep the answer keys behind the section of the problems OR keep the answers cards separate and students can check with you when all done working through the problems.

6th Grade Ratio and Proportional Relationship Problem Breakdown
6.RP.A.1 - 12 Problems 
6.RP.A.2 - 12 Problems
6.RP.A.3 - 42 Problems 
6.RP.A.3a - 18 Problems
6.RP.A.3b - 18 Problems 
6.RP.A.3c - 12 Problems 
6.RP.A.3d - 12 Problems

A blank CCSS tracking sheet is provided to help students stay organized and on task when they are working through these cards. The problem cards at the white background cards and the answer keys are on the grey background cards.  The cards are broken up into standards and sub standards; at the top right hand corner of every card you will see the standard typed there. This is a great reference point for any problem and/or answer card. 
(Example: Page 4 – Standard 6.RP.A.1 problems are found and on Page 25 the answers can be found on those cards.)

The bottom left hand corner has a given number on the problem cards. That number and the standard/substandard in the upper right hand corner will help students keep track of where they are on the student tracker sheet. As they go along, they can mark they completed the problems or put how many they got right. Along with these wonderful organizational tools with the activity also comes a blank work space sheet. Have a stack and students can pick them up whenever needed!

These cards would be perfect to print, laminate, put cards on a binder ring and keep sets in the classroom!

GREAT 'time filler' activity for whenever needed!

When your early finishers get done they can practice reinforcement or students struggling can use as a tool to target specific components within the standards to practice. The cards can also be used as bell ringers, assessment checks or as a quick reference tool for on-hand problems!

The possibilities of utilizing these cards is endless
I am looking forward to building the 6th grade up and expanding across 7th and 8th grade! What standard would you like to see next? Email me back and let me know! 

Happy Teaching! 

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  1. This might be what I need for a few of my kiddos b/c they get finished so fast!