Laminating ...and Velcro!

I really never knew about our laminator. I mean I did, but I thought it should only really be used for posters and borders in the classroom. 
Fun display type things to last longer.
Never really knew the potential of what a laminator could do...

I had a moment of trying to think of ways to use my resources in a different way versus continually having to print them. Printing is completely fine don't get me wrong, but wanted to think of something fun and colorful! Then I had the thought that I should laminate things! I see it everywhere! 

I took a chance and purchased this Scotch Laminator + 100 Pack of Laminating Pouches on Amazon (Not affiliated in any form, just want to share.) for a decent price. LOVE! I only wish I would have ventured into the laminating world years ago!

I was surprised at how EASY the laminator was to use. It only took about 3 minutes to warm up. It took seconds to run the laminating pouch through and cutting was a breeze. The laminating seems stable, clean (no bubbles) and the resources can definitely be used over and over!

I love printing the activities on a BRIGHT, colored paper! I highly recommend the Astrobrights - "Brights" or "Happy"...I purchase mine on Amazon for about $10 - $15. Which I think is a good deal! If you see them on sale, stock up! They are not too thick like card stock, but not too thin like regular printer paper. A great happy/medium! 

I honestly didn't think many of my resources could be utilized with laminating, but then VELCRO came to my mind. I haven't stopped printing, laminating, and sticking pieces of velcro on everything :)  
I found this pack of 500 sets for a good price on Amazon.

Now to the ideas and resources!! 

Laminate the resources and then you can use them in the following ways: 

*Station Activity
*Individual Time 

 Check out the following examples I put together!!

Cut and Paste Activities
I love cut and paste activities! I need to create more of them :) But with these, it is a great way to save time on students cutting the pieces of paper out. Have them prepared, laminated and in packets to hand out to students. Great station activity! 

Check out the other cut and paste activities I have listed!

Chain Reaction Activities
These were so fun to create! My 3 year old claimed them after I had it all together, and the chain is still connected! I put the softer side on the back side of the strip. Then the scratchy piece on the shaded part on the front. 
Check out the other chain reaction activities I have listed!

Around the Clock Partner Scavenger Hunt 
The newest activity Scaffolded Math and Science and I created is a great activity to laminate and put pieces of velcro on! I printed the clocks on brightly colored sheets and then printed the different font problem cut outs on white paper. Quickly added velcro to clocks and problems and the activity was ready to go! A great partner activity to display fun colors throughout the class!

Pythagorean Theorem
Check out the other partner activities I have listed! 

To read more about our around the clock activities, head on over to
this blog post to read more!

Interactive Notes Activity
I love creating the layered notes! They are a great way to separate and practice the definition portion and the example portion. These are not as stable as if you were to glue them down like recommended in my descriptions, but would be a great classroom reference tool to have. If you want a student to practice just the definition, take a layer off. Or if you want them to just practice examples, take the definitions off. Very versatile! 

Exponent Rules
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Maze Activities
Use a dry erase marker to highlight the route in a maze! This would be a perfect station or individual activity!

Area of Trapezoid
Check out the other maze activities I have listed! 

Scavenger Hunts, Grab n' Solve, Domino and Do-Si-Do Activities 
Laminating will help them stay strong while multiple kids are using them in a day. After one class period, my task cards were looking rough and half of them had little marks all over them. Pretty sure some, if not many had the answers even on them! 
I know MANY who laminate their task cards, I only wish I would have seen that idea years ago. I would love to have have kept my sets I used over and over! Instead 100% of them ended up in the trash after the students used them. But now I can print the fancy colored ones and save them for future uses :) 

Hopefully you found some neat ideas while reading this and will be able 
to use a few in your classroom :) 

What other ways do you find laminating useful for?! Drop them in the comments! 

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