Slope Fun!

Have you started working on Slope? Or getting ready too? Here is a great post that highlights many activities that you can utilize when teaching slope. There is a range of activities students working independently, with partners, 
stations or as a whole group!

Keep scrolling to see what I have created to help you get through SLOPE lessons :) Plus some additional resources created from great math friends!

I LOVE creating these interactive notes activities! Adding a bright color cardstock to the front helps the notes stand out in an ISN, folder, desk ...heck, even a locker :) They hold up well and are a great reference tool for students when trying to memorize notes and seeing a completed example to look back upon. These notes include how to find slope AND y-intercept from a table, 
graph, equation and coordinate pair.



A great starter activity to practice graphing a line segment using a point and when a slope is given. Students will practice drawing positive, 
negative, undefined and zero slopes! 

Students practice graphing linear equations and identify the slope and y-intercept. Includes negative, positive, undefined and zero slopes. Fun mystery word can be discovered at the end by using slope answers. 

Practice finding slope from a table. Again, students will identify the slope and y-intercept. They riddle is decoded by matching letters with the slope answer. The riddle, "Why is the letter 'A' like noon?"

Time to find slope from a graph! Add a fun coloring activity to it :) Valentine's Day inspired! Includes finding positive, negative, undefined and zero slopes. 

Ready to practice finding slope from two coordinate pairs? This activity has a great variety of problems to practice including positive, negative, undefined and zero slopes. I should have shared this before Christmas ;) But who doesn't like to color, even if it is Santa in January or February! 

Looking for a self directed student activity? This is a perfect activity for students to break up in pairs and work through 12 problems together. Students will each have a set of 12 problems, they will graph the line from a set of coordinate points. When complete with all problems, students answers should match. They will then recognize that similar triangles have the same slope. OR have students work through all 24 problems instead :) 

Time to do a quick check! Add a little game to the process :) Have students work through finding slope, y-intercept only OR find both slope and y-intercept. Resource includes all 3 options. When students complete the problems, they have two chances to get the answer correct. Depending on how many chances the student took will determine how many hole punches they get. This game combines finding slope AND y-intercept from a graph, coordinate pair, table & equation. The answers are positive and negative. There is a great variety and they are not too difficult, it gives them practice. A great tool to use as a quick assessment over finding slope and y-intercept or either individually. 

The VERY best part of all of these resources, they are PRINT READY! What? Yes! Download the resource, print them off, run copies and hand them out to students. VERY little prep work! Saving you time, one of my top priorities! 


I LOVE sharing and highlighting my friends work! 
Check out these additional great resources to use for slope! 

How fun are these activities?! A fun matching Slope Puzzle activity and a Slope Tree! The matching Puzzle uses multiple representations of slope (graphs, tables, equations, coordinate pairs and right triangles) and the slope tree utilizes coordinate pairs! These would be perfect to set up within stations or with partners too! How fun would the Slope Tree be to display in your classroom too? 

I LOVE adding color into my classroom! I also like finding hands on activities for students to see outside of a paper and pencil type worksheet. Practice graphing linear equations with the Stained Glass Slope Activity and find slope from multiple ways with the Finding Slope Practice Color by Number Activity. Also these double as classroom decor, great way to display student work! 

The Sum 'Em Activities are sooo fun from Mrs E! This Calculating Slope is one to check out! I love that it keeps everyone accountable in a group to work hard and try their best. If the sum doesn't add up correctly when checked by the teacher, the students go back and work together as a team to help 
find the problem they incorrectly answered.

Hopefully you found a great activity from the list above that you would want to include in your lessons when teaching slope! 

What is your favorite activity to use when teaching slope? 

Share below in the comments :) 

Happy Teaching!! 

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