New Exponent Rule Resources

It was time for me to create new resources for Exponent Rules! I wanted to create a few new individual exponent rule resources, then some that were incorporating ALL the rules!  New creations below

First Up ...

To change up the everyday worksheet activity, I created this cut and paste activity. Students cut the lower half of the worksheet out, then the individual pieces. Solve the problems above, match them with the answer pieces and glue them next to the correct problem. Very simple activity, but with a range of level within the problems. 


MORE individual exponent rule activities coming - stay tuned! 

NEXT Up ...

Students can practice all the exponent rules (power, product, quotient, negative & zero), but all individually. There are 15 problems total, with 3 designated to each rule! It is a little more challenging, because they have to recognize which rule is what rule before finding the answer. Add the coloring aspect and you have a great activity for students. 

Some days I need to work with students and get that 1 on 1 time seeing how they are working through problems. On those days, I like to play music for my students and let them work and color :) This is a win/win situation - students LOVE to listen to music and who doesn't love to color?! 

What are your favorite music stations to play for your students? 

Now that students have been able to recognize individual exponent rules, time to combine at least two rules! This chain reaction activity has at least two of the exponent rules per problem. The activity challenges them to recognize which rules are being used and what order to complete the rules that will work best for them. There are a mixture of product & power, quotient & negative problems and more! There is plenty of space within each slip for students to use as a work space. They complete the problem, find the answer on another slip, complete that problem and then glue the chain pieces together. 
This activity also doubles as classroom decor too :) 


The BEST part about ALL of these resources - they are print ready! I want to SAVE you time! These activities are loaded where the questions are not in order - they are ready to print, hand out to your students and let them get started. They can handle all the cutting parts too ;)

If you have any questions, please email me at! 

Have a great week :) 

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