Interactive Notes Activities

Students love to take notes, right?! Riiigghhhtt! Hehe 

I found a fun, creative and interactive way to get 
students to take notes! 

I wanted to make sure my notes stood out against others - there are many other ways to take notes and I value all of those ways. But when teaching, I was struggling to find that one set up that I felt would work for my students. I wanted areas hidden, yet areas that could be seen too. I wanted something that could fit in Interactive Notebooks, if needed, and not crazy big that they wouldn't fit nicely in a students folder. I created a line of Interactive Notes Activities! 

Add a bright card stock for the front page and it stands out in the messy folder, crazy locker and/or their desk! Use white card stock for the rest of the pages and you have created a quality notes resource for students to use and use again. I break the notes down with vocabulary words, simplistic and detailed definitions and an examples page. 

They are layered notes, which can be interchangeable to fit the needs of your students. If you only want to focus
on the vocabulary word and definition or vocabulary word and example - you can set it up like that. If space allows, then vocabulary words and definitions are on the same layer. Along with those three main areas of the notes, there are also different versions. Versions? There are completed definition and examples pages, fill in the blank definition and example pages and completely blank definition and example pages. Pick the version that fits your needs.

Here are the notes activities I currently have listed in my store: 

Exponent Rules - Power, Product, Quotient, Zero and Negative

The orange version highlights a completed notes set and the yellow version highlights a fill in the blank style. These rules can be hard for students to grasp at first. These notes break down with italicizing and bolding words that are key to help students memorize the rules. 

Volume of Cylinders, Cones and Spheres
Enjoy these fun volume of cylinders, cones and spheres! Again, customize to you and your students' needs - a completed version, partially filled in version and blank version of notes. 

Rational vs Irrational Numbers
My students struggled with this concept at first until we broke it up and made sense of it more. I created this for future students to use right away for the beginning of this concept. 

A teacher favorite, which warms my heard to know many students are using it! I loved teaching these concepts - I love the process of these problems :) 

The 'whys' to creating these - teachers and students! When I see a sale, I know I helped a teacher and in turn, helped a student. In a different way, I am still helping 'teach' students by sharing my ideas and concepts with their teacher. If one teacher buys one resource with 20+ students in a classroom and then multiply that by multiple teachers buying resources - a crazy amount of students I have been able to teach!

I spent a lot of time creating this activity and making sure it broke up each section perfectly for students. Solving systems was a very difficult subject for my students to grasp, we spent weeks working through graphing, substitution and elimination. I only wish I had these notes at the time I was teaching this topic, it would have helped sooo much! But at the same time, going through that experience I knew exactly how I needed to create these notes!

There are two versions available for this resource. Again, you customize to you and your students' needs. 

When creating this resource, I thought of those students that needed the notes to remember what three things they needed when looking at a linear relationship. I wanted to keep these simple, yet not miss the important parts of these concepts. I added visuals, visuals always help! I wanted students to be able to see how they can decide whether or not a linear relationship was proportional or not. Enjoy these! 

These notes are broken up with slope AND y-intercept. Find slope and y-intercept from a table, graph, coordinate pair and equation! There are different pages for you to decide on how you would like to use them with your students.

Have any questions about any of my notes so far? Email me at :) 

Here are a few more of the awesome interactive notes activities I have listed in my store!! 

Geometry topics are probably one of my favorite areas to teach, it is exploratory and can be hands on! Easy way to tie in real world examples as well :) 


Integer Operations - Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing
These notes are broken up to help understand the operations of integers with same signs and different signs for multiplication, addition and division along with the "Keep, Change, Change" directions for subtraction. 

 I loved teaching this concept, it was fun to discover 'tricks' that would help students along the way! Enjoy these fun interactive notes :) 

 This one took me way longer than expected to be completed - but I was being VERY picky! And so happy I was picky, I loved how they turned out!  I created these interactive notes activities to help break down finding surface area for rectangular prism, triangular prism and square pyramid. Along with these notes, I created a net for each figure that students can use while discovering surface area.

** FREEBIE ** 
Hopefully this one helps your students organize quadrilaterals and they use these helpful tool! 

Thank you so much for reading all of the above, I know it was a lot :) I wanted a place to include all of my interactive notes - which will be updated with new ones as I create. All of these notes took a lot of time to create, I wanted them to be created just right where they worked well for many teachers and students. I created numerous versions that can be customized to you and your students' needs - which I feel is important when creating a product line such as notes - there are such a range of student abilities! 

Again, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to email me at! 

Happy Teaching!! 

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  1. These look amazing!
    How editable will they be? I teach in a country where a 'trapezoid' is a 'trapezium', 'scientific notation' and 'standard form' are the same thing (as opposed to 'ordinary numbers'), and measures are metric.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately these are not editable, but there are additional option pages included that you could tailor to your needs :)